Saturday, July 5, 2014

Red, White and Fun!

We have had an amazing last few days!  I tried to just get highlight photos, but I will warn you there are a lot of photos and this will be sort of long.  But come along on our Red, White and Fun tour!! 

Wednesday we went to a local firework tent, in the next town over, to buy some fireworks.  The kids were so excited!!
 We may have had to get the hose out and put a tree out when we shot off the few fireworks we bought:)  
 Sparklers are a big hit here!!

 Thursday, we decided to head to a local church that host a community event with fun kid stuff and fireworks.  Here are my two before we left.  
 Red, White and Blue family!
 There was a lot of fun kid stuff to do, and we had a really good time.  The weather was absolutely wonderful, we actually never broke a sweat and that is amazing in July!!

 Emma trying to be the Brave Princess!!
 Of course we rode the train!!
 The bow is as big as Taylor!
 The evening became more fun when friends joined us!!

 Of course we had Meme and Papa along for the fun!  Here is Emma snuggled up with Meme under the blanket.  By dark it was actually a little chilly!!

 Taylor joined them but Emma would not share her Meme snuggles!
 We had a great show of fireworks, and both kids did really well with the noise.  
 Friday was another beautiful weather day.  We got up and got ready to head to my cousin's house.  He recently bought the house my grandparents lived in and raised my dad and his siblings.  It is a cool old farm house and we all have great memories from there.  So, he decided it was time to honor those memories and make new ones.  So, the first annual Clark/Petty Pig Roast was planned.  The men stayed up all night and cooked a whole hug.  IT was soooooooo good!!
 The kids by the old chimney!
 My Uncle helping get the meat ready!!

 After lunch was a huge slip and slide with FOAM!! Yep you see it Foam!!  We had tons of kids having a blast on a huge slip and slide!

 I did not mean to be completely in the fun, but well life happens and once wet I just enjoyed the moment with the kids!  

 This was right after I fell on my butt!
 Emma squealed and squealed!!

After a short nap and dry clothing, we headed to the Party on the Porch with the ladies from my small group!  Here are a few kids hanging in the pool!
 Emma was so cold she had to get out.  The water was cold!!
 The party Porch!!
 Still trying to get warm!
 The food was so yummy! lots of fresh veggies, meat and yummy chips.  Emma was so happy Mr. Matt made hot dogs and corn!
 The kids loved having so much room to run and play!!  They live on a huge farm!

 You can walk down to the river.  It was a little tricky but worth it in my flip flops to see the kids throwing rocks and having fun!!
 Taylor was in heaven, he came up to me and said see my rocks mommy!!!

 Lots of games of ball were played!  
 After dinner, we had some great music!  Emma was front row and center dancing and watching them play!  She loves her music deaf or not, she loves her music.  Thanks to hearing aids and her new cochlear she can hear it even better.  
 Mr. Kevin put on a great fireworks show, here he was showing the older kids how to hold a rocket.  
 The girls of summer!
 more sparklers!

 After two late nights, the kids were so tired.  I took this photo when I thought Taylor was asleep, little stinker was smiling at me!  Love him!  

It has been a great few days full of family, friends, laughter and food!  God Bless America!  

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