Saturday, July 12, 2014

All For A Sister Book Review

I love to read!  So, I love getting to work with Tyndale House to review books.  My recent book to review is, All for a Sister by Allison Pittman.  It is a set in the "Roaring Twenties" which was a nice change from most historical fictions and is part of a complete series that is set in that time.  It was laid out in a interesting format.  Most chapters were told by one of three characters view points and sometimes it was in the present and sometimes it was set in the past.  That took a little bit to get use to and a few times I had to stop and think back to previous chapters to remember what was going on.  However, once I got a little deeper into the story and grew to understand the characters I was able to enjoy the flow of the book more.

The story line is not a light easy read for sure.  It is pretty intense story of lies, deceit and finding the truth in the midst of such untruths.  It also tracks how one women's poor choices affect so many and in the end destroy her inside and out.  Luckily forgiveness is available to those who seek it!  God never turns down and sinner when they reach out to Him.  The ending is a great example of how forgiveness can set a person free.

All in all the book was okay.  It is full of twist and turns and kept me guessing.  But it was a little heavier then I currently am looking for in my reading choices.  I will be seeking other books from this author, as I felt she was creative and unique in her style!!!  You can view my Amazon review here and order your book from Amazon as well!!!  I would suggest reading it and being reminded of how forgiveness frees a person's soul.

Thank you Tyndale house for my free copy to review.  I also love my envelopes from Tyndale House.

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