Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A day at Vandy!

Today was the day of follow up appointments!  We had to be at her surgeon's office at 9 and her audiologists at 12.  Luckily they are next to each other, just not in the same building or same parking garage:)  Taylor got to spend today with Meme and Papa and Hudson while we headed to the children's hospital.
Here we are heading in from the garage
 A little tired this morning, but still all smiles.  We all were tired this morning, but ready for round two!
 After an hour wait, we got moved to a room!! (Sometimes it can be up to a two hour wait for this amazing doctor)  Here is Emma sitting in the chair, funny thing is she will not sit in it when the doctor comes in.
 Watching Frozen videos while we wait some more!
 Tried to take a photo of us three:)
 dancing around to the music on the Ipad
 Dr. Wooten using his sucker to get some wax and some packing materials out of her ear.  He is pleased with her progress in healing.  However, a little concerned with one area so we are being followed for another month with precautions with water.  But we did great freed to swim with ear plugs in place!!  We just don't want to risk any infection or any sign of infections as her body continue to heals inside and out.
 Headed downstairs after that appointment, to check out the fish pond in the little garden I always sit in while she has surgery.  
 She liked the rainbow fish:)
 She found a little path to explore and thought it was cool.
 Then, we decided to walk a few blocks to go to a fun park nearby.  Emma loves the "dragon" park as it is known locally, but we rarely have time when we are near it.  So she was all smiles when we decided to head that way for a little bit before grabbing lunch.  

 I love this photo, so pretty!

 Silly daddy
 Mommy being silly too!

 Sometimes you just need a ride to rest!
 Grabbed Emma's favorite lunch when we are at VCH, Taco Bell in the food court!!
After lunch we moved to the other building to the hearing clinic.  Here is Emma watching a helicopter land on the adult hospital roof.
 Being silly and measuring daddy's head while Mrs. Cathy was ordering her a longer cable, so that we can clip her CI to her shirt while she heals more.  She is sweating so much in the headbands.  We hope that the healing will be done in the next few weeks, but till then no wearing it behind her ear.  
 Testing Emma on her sounds with her higher volumes.  She tolerated a much higher volume today.  So that is really good.  We will continue to turn her volume up at home the next week or so.  The audiologist programmed her CI to have three programs with increasing sound levels.  We will do it as Emma tolerates it.  So exciting!!
 Then, we headed to the oh so fun sound booth for some testing.  Emma did great with her first sound booth testing in her CI. This test was done without her hearing aid and just her CI.  She had to listen for just sounds today, and she did amazing!  Already a big jump in her hearing levels in that ear!!  We were so excited!!!!  Now, we just continue to work on her understanding sounds coming into that ear.  That will take time and practice, but the ability is there for her to do amazing!

It was a long day!  We finally got done a little after two.  Emma was pretty tired but that point and ready to just go play.  Thankfully this was this weeks last appointment. We cancelled her normal therapy appointments due to the crazy hours we knew we would already be spending at doctors this week.  Now, we will just stay home, celebrate the fourth and have fun with some listening games with her new Earplant!!

Emma is very proud of her pink bionic ear.  She told her dance teacher all about it tonight when she saw her at Taylor's tumbling class.  She has also worn it all day for the last day and that is  really good.  We want her to want to wear it and to be proud of it.  We are all so very proud of her!  Great day of follow up appointments!!  

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