Friday, May 9, 2014

Rock the Jukebox

Tonight was Emma's choir show!  It was a cute little show!  Emma has loved every minute of getting ready for this show.  I just think she looks so cute in this pink poodle skirt, a dear friend made for her.  The theme was "Grease" style clothing and some great music from that time frame.  I have been singing the songs for weeks and it is great dance music:)  

 I got asked to be an adult dancer in one song and so I got to get all dolled up too!  Emma thought it was funny that I was in her show!  It was fun to get to revisit my drama/dance days!  
 Emma on stage singing her heart out!
 She had a lot of family that came to see her shine on stage!  I think they were pretty proud of her!
 Her amazing teacher, who sadly is retiring this year.  But we are all holding out hope that she will come back to do the show choir anyway:)  She loved Emma and had enough faith in her to give her a part in a dance group number and her own speaking part!  Emma rocked them both!
 Taylor helped me get her a few new books as a good job gift!
 Taylor enjoyed the cupcake after the show!  

I would post more photos but out of respect I will not.  There are other kids in them and I dont have permission from parents.  Just know she rocked it out!  She loves to be on stage.  I did laugh though, at one point she let out a big yawn.  It has been a very busy week and she still tires pretty easily.  I was so very proud of her tonight.  Seeing her dance, sing and talk in a mic, still brings tears to my eyes.  She amazes me daily and is so my hero!

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