Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Smother's day!

Cutest quote from church video today "Happy Smother's Day"!  Boy do I understand that feeling.  I love being a mom, but wow some days I would just love to go to the bathroom alone.

However, today has been a very nice day.  I started the day out with two cute people delivering me cinnamon rolls in bed.  I was very happy that Taylor did not throw my fork at my head:)  They gave me cute smiles, and despite the fact that I would have done just about anything to sleep about four more hours, I loved it!  I love them, but sleep would be amazing, can I get an amen from any other mother?? The kids were so excited to give me their gifts daddy helped buy, that we had to do it before church.  I loved them all!

Loved my Wonder Women card that played music!

  Then, we actually made it to church before the music started and there was no line for the awesome photo booth they have for family photos on Mother's day.  So, we got our pictures done and still made it in for worship.

After, a great church service, I left my adorable kids and my husband and went to lunch with my the Clark Women!  Yes, Emma was so bummed that we left her out, but this mommy was looking forward to a cold cocktail and a kid free lunch.  We started this tradition last year, and I admit it is a really nice way to spend the day.  I dont have to take anyone potty and I get to eat my food hot.  (just so you do not worry that Emma was crushed I left, she got McDonald's and a trip to Costco)  My mom, sister and sister in law had a yummy lunch at a local place and enjoyed some laughter and chatter as we ate on the patio in the spring sunshine.

I luckily returned home just in time to snuggle up and take a nap with Emma.  She was still so tired after her big weekend, she wanted a nap today.  So, we got our blankets and held hands till we both drifted off to dreamland.  It was a nice!!

After a great nap, the kiddos went to a local park while I finished making dinner prep for our yummy grill out.  I then got to enjoy my husband cooking dinner while I sat in a chair and watched the kids play around him.  Nothing cuter then my husband cooking the main part of dinner.  It was all so yummy!

love my new hanging plant they bought me while out this afternoon as an added gift!  I already got one for my front porch and two new scarves!
All in all today was low key and calm.  That is a much needed break for this mom.  Life with a special needs child and a toddler is normally far from calm.  Today Emma was her sweet little self and Taylor was goofy like he is.  I got to spend sometime with their cute faces and sometime with my own sweet mother just being me.  All in all it was amazing and I hate to see the day end. Thanks to my amazing husband for the sweet gifts and the great memories today.

 It did sadden me that as the day drew to a close, Emma started asking about her upcoming surgery.  We looked at the book we were given to help her understand, and she seems pretty cool with it all. But it is still hard to have so much medical and scary stuff be part of our normal life.  As a mom, I would do anything to not have her be able to look at me and say "oh no not another surgery".  That my friends is why this mother still cries herself to sleep at night.  I just wish I could take that kind of pain from her.  She is my little Rose and my shinning star.  This weekend especially proved to me, that she can do anything she puts her mind to.  She is my hero and I am lucky to be her mom!
 He is our comic relief in any storm we face. How could you not laugh when he comes out wearing your cowboy boots on his arms singing!  God blessed me with the gift of laughter and love when he gave me this sweet boy!

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