Thursday, May 22, 2014

Creepy, Crawly Bugs!

Today we attended a members only preview for the new Bugs Exhibit at Cheekwood!  We grabbed dinner from Subway, threw our blanket in the car and headed out for some after hours fun!  Taylor has been so excited for this night for weeks!!! He loved every minute of it!

There were two interactive bugs and the caterpillar/butterfly one is right inside the garden!  The kids loved playing and exploring it!

 I could not believe he actually went down the slide without me having to climb up there to help him, but he did it twice and loved it.
 hanging out on the wings of the butterfly
 Taylor running towards another bug

 Very proud of her Subway bag with her dinner in it!

 Silly boy!
 Emma's favorite, the Grand daddy long leg!
 pretty girl by the pretty dragonfly
 He was a little crazy tonight!
 In the beehive!

 coloring bug crowns
 The ants go marching one by one!
 scary bug:)
 Forgot which bug this one was!
 The itsy bisty spider

 stopped back by the butterfly play structure 
 Emma finally got to go down, it took some help but it worked and she was thrilled!  
 It was a really fun night and a great nod towards summer!  One more week of school for sweet girl and then we can have many more adventures!  I can tell you that Taylor already wants to go back to the bugs.  Looking forward to exploring them many more times this summer!

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