Monday, May 26, 2014

Field Day, fires and Family

Friday was field day for Emma!  It was really hot, but she had a great morning!  The school gave each child a very bright orange shirt and Emma was so excited to get a new shirt.  We only decided to stay half a day, due to the heat and physical activity Emma was pretty tired.  I had spent most of the morning with her and when I asked if she wanted to go home she said yes.  I was really surprised because last year she stayed all day.  But between the heat and her leg really bothering her she was done.  But we had a lot of fun that morning!

Daniel got to come for a short time and here is a really bad shot of the three of us.

 I think this was Emma's favorite race, the water cup race! She smiled the whole time, and I was expressed on how fast she moved!

 She also enjoyed this version of corn hole.  I think it was because it was inside in the gym!
 water pop break on the front porch of the school
 The hula hoop!  Best part was when her principle came out and did it with them:)
 Emma took this picture of me trying to do it too!
 three legged race with her friend!

Sunday we stayed at home and relaxed for most of the day.  Emma had gotten sick the night before and we let her rest and sleep most of the day.  But after quick trip to home depot we came home and had a fire.  Emma had been begging us to have one and we went for it.  We had a great time!
 Taylor only likes the to eat the smores stuff one thing at a time, not as a whole thing.  Here he is eating his chocolate!
 Emma just likes to roast them for me to eat!  She did a great job and I ate three!!
 After the kids went to bed, we sat outside and talked till after 11 and it was really nice and relaxing!  

Memorial day fun with family!!  We headed to my aunt's house for a cookout with some of the family.  The kids really love their trampoline that is low to the ground!  I love it to, I am not so scared of them getting hurt.

 Just a swinging!

 One of my cousin's found this turtle on the side of the road and rescued it.  Taylor spent most of the day seeing if it would come out of it's shell.  I think his head is out in this picture.  But sadly it never really moved.  Taylor liked checking on it however.

It was a great few days! Now on to the last week of school for Emma!!!!  First grade is almost over and second grade is on the rise!

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