Sunday, June 12, 2011

Taylor turns 3 months old

Boy how time is flying by with Taylor. I really wish I could freeze it and make it stand still. I hate knowing he is my last and that this is the last time I will experience all these fun firsts.
This month he has gained weight and is filling out nicely. If one more person tells me how big he is, I might get a complex:) I love it though, it makes me proud that my breastfeeding is paying off. Glad I did not give up that first month when it was so hard. He is starting to grab at toys and put them in his mouth. I could watch him do it for hours. I love watching him kick and play on his mat. He has the best smile and the cutest little giggle already. His whole face lights up when he sees you, it is like he is saying "oh there she is" !!
He went to nursery at church for the first time today and did great, mommy cried though. He spent the night at Meme's last Thursday night due to Emma's early morning test, and did great even though he kept mom up for over an hour in the middle of the night. He did get tired of the bottle but we had no problems with him taking it and then switching back to me. It was so quiet with him gone. Those were two big firsts this month.
He has such cute chubby legs and checks:) Love them! He makes the sweetest sounds and I could listen to them forever. He eats great and loves to fall asleep while feeding. He sleeps great at night and normally really only wakes about one or at the most two times a night. So much better then his sister who still somtimes gets up at age 5. He naps great on the go, and would rather nap in his carseat or swing, but will nap at home if he has too. guess all the running around when she was in school made him learn to nap in the car oops!
His sister still loves him to pieces and kisses on him all day long. She also loves to say "hey baby" really loud in his face. She wants him to pull her hair, but he has only done it the one time, but she keeps trying:) She is a big helper and loves to get his diaper or pull the string on his swing to make it sing. On Sunday's she wants to take her picture with the baby since they are dressed nicely, it is so funny.
All in all life is good on the Taylor front. He is so sweet and only cries if he is hungry. He is well loved and growing so fast. Love him to pieces!!

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