Thursday, June 9, 2011


Please pray for Emma as tomorrow morning we head out to Vandy to have some testing done that she has to be sedated for. The sedation is scary for us, as Emma has had past problems with breathing issues in recovery. Not to mention the stress that a hospital visit puts on her little body. She already has anxiety about dr's and every trip to the hospital makes it worse. We do have childlife involved this visit and talked to her tonight about it as well, which we hope helps her. Not to mention the test does not involve a lot of needles or ouches!
I am already very anxious about this and pray that once again we can handle handing her off to doctors and watching them take her through the OR doors. You would think after as many times as we have done this, it would be easier but NOPE!! I hate each and everytime!! I wish her life did not involve test, sedation, drs and so forth. I know it is normal for her, but it should not be normal for any child.

So glad this will be a short visit as long as things go well and we will hopefully finally have some answers we have been looking for. Prayers are welcomed!!

God is in control and He is holding us all! I keep telling myself that.

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NC said...

Thinking about you and Emma! - Nicole