Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Fun/Cheekwood Visit!

This past Saturday we gathered the family and diaper bags and went to Cheekwood for Saturday Art! Emma loves going and since we renewed the membership, we thought we would use it. It was really warm, but we had a great time. Emma loved painting her "house" which was a box they were suppose to paint and decorate to look like the structures in the amazing train exhibit. Taylor enjoyed the new sights in the art room, and daddy and I enjoyed catching up with a friend who was also there. Then we went to see the cool new trains that are in the gardens there. It was so neat and Emma walked around saying Choo Chooo!! We could not hang out too long since Taylor and all of us were sweating, but we enjoyed the trains! Then headed to lunch at our fav mexican place. It was all in all a great family outing!
Enjoying the photos from the fun!

The cool trains!

Emma walking out of the art room with her piece! Love this, still tickles me to see her walking!
daddy, Taylor and Emma in the art studio
Mommy and Taylor, cant believe he is almost three months old.
Such a good boy!
Emma walking to the car.
Emma asked for a picture with her brother! Love the smiles on both faces!!

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