Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Tiny Ballerina

Emma started Princess ballet class last week. She took this class last year in her walker, and loved it, so for her birthday her Nana and Papa gave her the six week class again. Emma is thrilled to say the least. She wears her "Pretty" as she calls her dance outfit all day and asked when we are going. She also spins around like a ballerina all the time. I was so proud of her last week and this week. She marches right in and "listens" pretty well. Or since she really cant hear that well, she is watching and doing what the other kids are doing great! She is still unable to do a few moves since she has to work so hard on her ballance. But she does not care and she loves the whole 45 minute class. Her favorite part is the tumbling on the mats:)

I am so proud of her and how hard she works during this class. This year she is not using an assistant device and only needs help standing up. She is able to do the turns on her own, some of the tumbling, most of the moves (they are only learning a few it is really an introduction class) and is paying attention to the teacher so well.

Below are some of the photos I snapped before her teacher shut the door so we do not distract them. I hope you enjoy seeing my amazing ballerina in action. So proud of her and love every second of watching her on the screen (they have cameras so we can see what they are doing inside the studio in the lobby). The smile on Emma's face is so priceless.

Ready to go!

Showing me some moves!
Spinning in the lobby!
What Taylor thinks of the whole thing:)

Heading in for class, she marches right on in.
So tiny and cute!

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