Sunday, January 23, 2011

Working on the to do list

I feel like I have the never ending to do list right now. Not only are we planning for the new life we are about to add to the family, but everyday life as well is busy with a special needs child. For every little item I check off, I feel like ten more are added. For example today: I got a key made for the in-laws in case they need it while we are at the hospital, bought a gift from the baby for Emma, picked up the dresser for the nursery, and worked on my registry for the baby shower. But then, I just added, cleaning the dresser, relining the drawers with shelf paper, washing baby clothes to go in the dresser, wrapping the gift for Emma and so on and so on.

My OCD/ needing to control what I can control, since life is so unpredicatable with Emma's health, can sometimes make it hard to breath. My to do list just gets out of control. I have to really make myself sit down and breath for a moment and enjoy life. Luckily lately Emma has been very demanding about us playing with her. It has been hard to make myself stop cleaning or whatever and enjoy just playing, but I always feel so happy and refreshed when I do.

So, yes my to do list is massive right now, but it will get done at some point and if it is not perfect does it really matter?? Not really, as long as my family is safe, feed and happy!! So, here is the most important points on my to do list.....

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