Monday, January 31, 2011

My Sun Stand Still Pray

Our church has being focusing on learning how to seek More! It has been an amazing series of sermons trying to encourage us to live the amazing lives God has planned for us and not settling for being mediocre. One sermon has really stood out to me, and has continued to come to my mind as I walk through my regular daily life. Pastor Pete asked have you ever been brave enough to ask God for a miracle in your life? He went on to talk about most were not brave enough to really ask God for miracles or their heart desires. I found that intresting since I could answer yes I have prayed for a miracle in my life. I have stood at the throne and begged God to make something happen, not for me but for a special little girl who has taught me the true meaning of God is good all the time!!

I can not say that God has always answered that pray (which was for Emma to thrive in her situation and to be happy) in the waythat I would want. No she does not walk all the time by herself, or is potty trained or is completely healed of all the medical drama in her body or able to do some other things like kids her age. But she is the happiest preschooler I know. She finds joy in everyday life, just reading a book or going outside to play is like winning the lottery for her. She laughs and plays with such pure joy that it is hard not to see God's face in her laugher. She loves people with such passion that she can make even your worst day full of sunshine when she comes around to see you.

I have seen God make the sun stand still in her life! Time has stopped! She has gone from barely able to stand to walking 25 feet at a time at least. She has been able to cast aside her wheelchair and barely uses her walker. I have seen her go to the brink of death and come back. She has been through more surgeries then birthday's but survived them all and thrived from the work done during those surgeries. And as I just kissed her good night she told me she loved me and walked off with daddy to bed, that is a miracle hard fought for. Everything I see her do is a miracle that God has given us, and as she gets older I will continue for God to make the sun stop and miracles to happen in her life. They might not come easy but He is able and Good! I just have to trust in his timing, not mine. All Good things Come to those who wait!

Just a few thoughts running in my head....

My miracle that took four years to happen! Emma walking between us!

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