Thursday, January 6, 2011

Memory Lane

Wow today Daniel and I spent the morning with dear friends as their sweet little boy was take for his first surgery. This sweet baby is a true miracle, he was born at 24 weeks weighing just a little over one pound. He is now almost 8 pounds and is 6 months old. He is a fighter!! We were so glad we could go and sit with his parents for part of his surgery, but boy did it bring back so many memories of sitting in that waiting room waiting on Emma to come out. I can actually recall where we have sat for each surgery, the exact spot I stood at when I came out and told my in-laws Emma had stopped breathing twice in recovery, and so much more came flooding back.

I told Daniel later on the phone, (he had gone on to work) that I wished I could take the pain away from our friends. No parent should ever have to sit and wait as someone else cuts on thier child. I said we already had done it and knew the pain and that I wished they never had to join us in that group! I hated the thought of them having to kiss him good bye, watch as they wheeled him away and waiting for him to come out of surgery. My heart has been in my throat all day for these two wonderful parents. I just kept telling Daniel I wish I could make it better, but you can't, he said we can just be there to help them on the journey.

We are so thankful that as with the case of our sweet Emma, their son came out with flying colors. He was able to be taken of the vent in the OR and is back in the NICU on his wall oxygen and doing well. It will be a recovery process as he heals but they feel after about five days he will be out of pain, and then they will decided when he has part two of surgeries done. I just pray my friends are able to sleep well tonight after such a stressful day,but with such an amazing ending. Way to go B! You did it and were a wonderful trooper through it all! Thank You God for his safety and for the fact he will never remember any of today!!

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