Monday, January 17, 2011

Emma's Big Sister Class

So, this Saturday we loaded up the car, babydoll in tow, and headed to the hospital I will be delievering baby Taylor Daniel at for Emma to attend Big Sister/Big Brother Class. We prayed that taking her for this one hour class, that teaches them about newborns, how to diaper on their dolls, etc and then tours them through the OB floor and postpartum floors might ease her anxiety. Hahahah...sounds of laughter:)

Lets start at the beginning. She was not to sure what we were doing when we got there but she sat in the floor with her baby and daddy behind her while the nurse talked to them. She got real excited about putting a real diaper on the baby when it came time for that,and as you can see in the following photos, she did a great job.


Then, they watched a short movie and were handed the award for finishing the class. She was so proud and she loved her pink shirt that says Big Sister as well.

Well, I was so happy that she was doing so well, that I prayed she would not freak out as we started the tour. The minute we walked down the hall towards the rooms, she started whining, then it turned to tears as we went into the Labor room to show where mommy would be and where baby would be etc. All the other kids were cool with it but not Emma. Finally Daniel took her to the hall. She then whined the whole way up to the post partum rooms on the seventh floor and really freaked when we went into the other room. She cried the whole way till we got to the nursery window and she saw the little babies. Thankful she then stopped and looked for a bit.

At one point I about how to slap a woman who finally said "What is her deal?" I said " Well, she has spent a lot of time in hospital's and is really afraid. That is why we brought her to the class". The nurse who was leading the class already knew about that and she told me later, that maybe we should not bring her when the baby was born if it upsets her that much. But we hope that if we wait till I am able to shower and put on clothes etc she will be okay, but time will tell.

All in all it was a good class and good to know that she might freak out, but hopefully if we show her pictures of the baby first she will come up to my room. It has been cute since then, she is obsessed with caring for her babydoll and sings to it and changes it. I think she will be a great big sister as soon as we leave the hospital that is:)

Me at 33 weeks and standing in the painted nursery:)

Emma and her baby on the way home.

Mommy, babydoll and Emma eating lunch after her class.

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kate said...

you know that is the whole point of sibling classes is to help the kid adjust to the hospital. that lady is just a jerk. you know i would have probably been shocked if emma would have had no reaction going to visit the hospital after all that she has been though. but she is yours and everyone loves her and that is all that matters.