Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July

Wow! What a fun week and weekend we had. On Thursday we decided since the weather was in the 80's instead of the 90's we would take a trip to the Nashville Zoo after Emma got out of school. She was not sure what we were doing both taking her to school, but she was happy. Then, when we picked her up and told her we were going to see monkey's she got really happy. The monkey's were acting crazy when we got there and she loved watching them swing from the trees and yell. She kept telling us "it loud" and covering her ears. So funny! Then, we spent some time walking the zoo (which requires us to get her out at the exhibits and hold her to see since she can not from her stroller) and she liked most of the animals. She really loved the indoor building that had fish and frogs and stuff. She could cruise between the areas and see it all on her own and she really liked that a lot and we were happy to not have to hold her for a few minutes:) It was a great trip and many great memories were made that day as a family. Gotta love small trips!

Saturday we hung at home for most of the day and played in our little pool on the back porch. She was so funny laying on her belly and swimming! Then we went to eat at Meme's and Pop's with Aunt Nay too. It was great food. Afterwards we headed to Pegram Ballpark to listen to a live band and see some fireworks. Emma loved the blowups but got scared by all the kids, so Daddy took her to the playground and she danced her way up the stairs and went down the slide over and over again. Then, she danced with Daddy and Mommy to the band. She had just gotten into the music when it was time for the fireworks. She was not too sure about those at first but once she climbed up into Meme's lap she thought they were pretty but loud. It was really late by the time we dropped Meme and Cousin Ian off but Emma was wide awake and told Pop all about it. She finally crashed and slept all night!

Sunday she spent some time with her Nana, Papa, Aunt Jenn and Tristan while Daddy and Mommy went to see Eclipse together. Then we all went to dinner. Today we ran some errands and did some painting while Daddy worked.

All in all we have been busy but had a ton of fun.

I would post photos but I have no camera right now. So sad hope to get one soon. I need photos of my cutie pie!!

Please pray for my dear friend Adrienne how gave birth to a 1.4lbs miracle named Bennett on Saturday night! He is a fighter but needs lots of prayers in the coming days and months as he grows and gets stronger.

Love to you all

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