Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grandmother Turns 90!!

This weekend my wonderful Grandmother turned 90. We had a big bash to celebrate at my Aunt Linda's house. They had a huge blow up water slide for the kids, a bounce house and baby pool as well to entertain the like 30 or so great grandchildren of my Grandmother, under the age of 16. Inside we had a beautiful pink cake, fruit, cupcakes and so many more yummy treats that all had 90 on them in pink, my grandmother's fav color. Her two sisters came in from out of state and it was nice to see them and have them together again as well. It was a great party for a wonderful lady.

I love my grandmother so much! She loved to travel when she was younger and even took me on two trips, my grandfather did not want to go on. We went to Memphis to see Elvis and to Washington DC to see the sights there. I loved both trips and will cherish those special memories forever. I also remember growing up and her reading to me in the front porch swing. I always made her read me "Miss Susy" and "Harry the Dirty Dog", no matter how many times I asked she read them. I know have the copy of "Miss Susy" that she read to me and it is very special. I am looking forward to the day Emma can sit that long and listen to it. It is a great book about a squirrel:)

I am proud to call her Grandmother and hope to someday be as kind-hearted as she is and as Godly as her as well. She is an amazing lady who has lived a long time and was married for over fifty years before my Grandfather passed away. Such a testiment to love. She loves pink and I smile everytime I wear it or Emma does because I think of her. Her is to many more memories with Grandmother Clark!! Love you Grandmother and thanks for loving me and my family. Without you I would be lost!

here are some great photos from that day

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