Monday, June 14, 2010

First Week

Emma did wonderful at her first week of Speech and Language class. I was more nervous then she was. I did have to walk her down to the room and do a drop and run while she screamed, but they reported she quit as soon as she saw the puzzles to play with. She already is talking with them which is huge. Emma normally does not speak around people she does not know, but I assume she realizes they are teachers like her old teachers were. Daniel took her the second day, while I worked, and said she told her friends good bye as they loaded onto their buses. (some kids ride school buses, but not Emma) So, all in all it went well and we are looking forward to seeing her make progress throughout the summer.

She is already talking so much more then a year ago, or even six weeks ago. She is speaking in two to three word phrases which is huge for us, and more and more people can understand her. It is so much fun to actually be able to talk to her and have her respond a lot of the time now with real words. She still does not make sense sometimes but it is so much better. We are still using some signs which really helps and we use a picture card book as well. We use every type of communication we can to help her be understood. Now, we just have to work on her not using her Whiney voice as we call it.

It is really hot in Nashville already so we are starting to spend time in water or inside whenever we can. We bought her a new pool Sunday and can not wait to bust it out. Last week, we did get out her boat to splash in, but she is almost to big. WE bought her boat when she was one, it is really a float but for almost three summer's she has sat in it and played. It is a great boat and it cost a dollar. So we really got our money's worth. I am sad she is out growing it:( But we have great photos of her in it throughout the last few summers. We headed to the splash pad in my home town today and Emma had a great time, chasing Hudson (her cousin) around int he water. She was able to use her walker and go where she wanted and that was great. She looked so cute in her water shoes and bathing suit in her walker. So, nice to have her be able to be like her friends and splash in the water without me having to hold her the whole time. She loves being independent whenever she can.

On the doctor front we were released from her eye doctor on Thursday!!! yeah!!! No major issues and she has perfect vision, despite the fact that she does have pigment variations in her eyes as well as her skin. But he has followed her from birth and feels that if she was going to have problems she would already have showed them. So till we see vision issues we are free of one more doctor. (we have only been released from like three so this is great)

Lots going on but loving it all!!

Love Rachel

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Felicia said...

The speech early interventions can have such a positive impact for the kids that need it. Glad it is going so well for you.