Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Tiny Ballerina

I can finally share a few shots of Emma dressed for Ballet Class! She is so cute!

After ballet she loves to wear her "pretty" as she calls it for the rest of the day. This day she decided to add a few things to her outfit. It was so cute I took a picture. She is so silly!!

Ballet has been great for her. She loves learning and trying to do the moves. A few our hard in her walker, but she does not seem to mind. She really loves the other kids and does whatever they do, like today she got in trouble for hanging and swinging on the bar like another girl was doing. What can I say she is a little monkey.

Life is good here at the Zook household, having fun in the hot summer heat and it is hot here in Nashville. Love to you all, please go the sidebar and click on Prayers for Bennett and keep up with Baby Bennett and his fight for better lungs. He is a precious tiny miracle and we love him so much. Please join us in praying for him and his wonderful family. They are dear friends of mine and need our support!!

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