Thursday, July 29, 2010

could have been bad

I just looked in on my slumbering little cutie and she is cuddled up with her duck she calls "Quack". It is so cute to see her sleeping with her little arms wrapped around her lovey. This duck has been through every surgery, test, xray, dr appt. and so on. You name it, this duck has been there. At one point it had it's own id band at the hospital. This duck is much loved and Emma has never gone to bed without it. Not to mention this duck was in her bed when she was in the NICU at birth. IT is a special little item that would have been very sad to lose.

However, today almost ended that. We thought duck was lost. Daniel took Emma to school today, and took the duck forgetting that he was not the one picking her up, his mom was. Well we have not been sending the duck into school it is normally left in the car. So, Nana did not know the duck should have been in her bag. Then, Nana meet Meme to pick Emma up and bring her to her house while I finished working. A few hours later, I pull in happy to see Emma and my nephew Hudson with the McDonald's I picked them up for lunch and mom says "Do you have duck?" I about fainted since I knew I did not. So I start a frantic list of phone calls, to Daniel, to Nana, to her school, and finally get Nana who went back and found the duck at school. The teachers had to change Emma today and left the duck out when they put everything back in her bag. So, thank Goodness the duck was found and is happily back in Emma's arms tonight. Thank you Nana who got it to Papa to bring to Emma. She was so happy to see it tonight.

So, it could have been a sad day, but instead we spent the afternoon painting on the deck with cousin Kylie and then splashing in the water! What a great day after all. Night Night all!!

Emma with one night with her duck!

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