Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Big Step

Backpack is packed, the extra emergency clothes are labeled and in a bag, your new outfit and bows are laid out, and you are snoring away. So all in all we are ready for the big first day of school tomorrow. (well mommy still needs to pack your lunch in your new princess lunchbox) I can not believe you will be starting your second and last year at Belle Meade Children's Center tomorrow. Where did the summer go? You will be in room 7 with two new teachers, but a lot of your friends from last year.

We went earlier this week and meet your teachers and talked to them about you. Planned diapering and those issues out and dropped off your diapering supplies so as to not draw attention to it on Monday. The school had already put into place the brand new changing station that was bought for your room and the teachers do not seem to mind having to change your cute little butt twice a day while you are there. (she is only there 9-12) We are so lucky this year that both your new teachers have lots of experience with special needs children and are looking forward to working with you. One, the main teacher, even has worked with speech delays and signs to all the class which will help you a lot too!!

You were so happy to be at the school for a visit and asked to see Mrs. Juarita your teacher from last year, but you would not talk to her. However, you have not stopped talking about her since Wednesday. Your new teachers took us to your room and let you play for a few minutes and after looking around unsure for a few minutes you got down and started playing trains with your friend Levi from last year. It was so cute. I think you will be fine tomorrow and adjust quickly to new room and teachers. Hopefully the weather cools down and you can go outside and play soon, since you can see the playground from your room and you love it. But right now it is too hot to allow you out.

Mommy and daddy are excited for a new year, but mommy is sad and nervous as always. I just pray that they remember to change you and that they remember that you like a straw in your milk cup since it is hard for you to hold and drink an open cup. I also hope you are safe and loved. I know you will be but still give mommy a little bit of time to be nervous. I love your school and they love you so, I am sure this will be great. Looking forward to a lot of new experiences and great reports this year. Wow my big girl is starting school again!! SO proud!!

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