Friday, August 27, 2010

First two weeks

Emma right before leaving for school!

Emma walking in on the first day!

Daddy helping her wash her hands!

This is whem Mommy cried, she took her teacher's hand and walked into class.

Emma is thrilled to be back at the Children's Center. She went right in on the first day and settled right into her new room with no problems at all. She was so happy to see some old friends and make some new ones. Her new teachers are wonderful. Her lead teacher, has a lot of experience with speech delays and has already taught her about 15 new signs and the words to them as well:) I am having to try to keep up:)

She has gotten to go to art, chapel, and music classes again and loved them all. She really likes getting to see her old teacher from room 5 while in Chapel and yells her name out. She also has to stop and speak everyday to her old teacher too, and if she sees her out the window she freaks out and starts chanting. So silly! But she loves her new teachers as well and goes in and hugs them first thing in the morning.

Finally all of her metro teachers have been by. She still has her same PT as last year, which we are so happy about. I know her special education teacher, since she worked in my classroom a few years ago, and I meet her new speech teacher yesterday. Not sure about her yet, but she seems nice. I will be meeting with her and the IT person on Friday to learn how to use the first augmentative device we will be trying with Emma. We fear it will be to simple a device, but have to start somewhere. I hope it helps her speech and am looking forward to moving ahead on this.

I have been so happy to have her back in school and learning so quickly. She is talking more and more with her friends and the teacher is really trying to foster that communication, since Emma does tend to go towards adults more due to her having so much therapy with adults. She has gotten to be the line leader and the flag holder already and did great at both. She tells me about her friends on the way home and that she had a happy day. I am so glad we decided to leave her at the Center. They are so great!!

Looking forward to a wonderful rest of the year.

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