Sunday, October 10, 2010

These are the moments

As we happily prepare for the arrival of baby Zook 2 in March, I find myself trying very hard to focus on spending quality time with Emma and soaking it all in. Yes, she has had us to herself for almost five years, and for many of those she needed lots of our help, but as she gets more and more independent and baby number two's arrival date creeps closer, I know things are wonderfully about to change. Do not get me wrong we are so happy for baby Z and have wanted this for a long time, but I know things are going to be different. We will know longer be a family of three but a family of four. Wow that is still so exciting to say!!

So, moments like seeing her ride the barrell train at the farm today made me almost cry. Last year she was afraid and this year she rode it proudly seated by her best friend Kadence. So proud of her and looking forward to the day she rides it with her sibling too. Moments like watching Daddy and her walk down the driveway with Emma holding his hands and walking in front of him, make me shut the door and bawl, as I reflect back on the many surgeries she has had and the hours of therapy she has had to bring us to that precious moment. I find myself even putting aside my OCD behavior to clean and instead sit in the floor playing puzzles as long as she wants since I know soon my time will be split between two little ones.

She is so precious! She will be a great big sister, but till that day, I will savor the moments with my first born as my second miracle grows and kicks in my expanding belly.

Stop these week and savor the little moments with your miracles.

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