Friday, January 9, 2009

Weird Comments!!

Last weekend my little family meet Daniel's parents, sister and nephew at Red Lobster to celebrate my birthday. We sat down at the table to eat and the waitress asked us if Emma had nose surgery? Well, at first I was so confused about what she was talking about and then, she said I see the scare on her nose. Then, the light bulb came on and I realized that she was talking about the line down her nose that is part of her skin condition (it is a really long name, but basically Emma has two tones of skin and she is what we call swirly).

It was funny to have someone ask us about it. I forget that she has two tones of skin, to me it is normal for her and I do not see it anymore. So, it took me a moment to remember that it does not look normal to others. So, we told the lady that no she has not have nose surgery, but that she has a funny birthmark. Then, she went on to tell us about her daughter who has a weird birthmark too. Then, we went on with our dinner.

Later that night we laughed about the fact someone actually asked us about it, even though at the time it made me annoyed. However, I would rather have someone ask us about Emma then sit and whisper about or speculate about her.

This was not the first or the weirdest comment we have had told to us or overheard. We got a lot of comments when she wore her cranial helmet when she was younger. We got a lot of comments then and some not so nice. I guess I should be use to it, but every now and then it bothers me. I hate that someday she will not have us to shield her from the comments that might be harsh or unkind. But till that day my job is to shield her from comments from people who should think before they speak.

Love till Later

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