Monday, January 12, 2009

Sick Baby

Life is never calm at our house. Emma has the cold that will not go away. She actually has gotten quit worse instead of better. So, we are doing a lot of holding and movie time right now, till she is better and wants to play.

So, I am getting a lot of quality time with my little toddler and lots of snuggles, but not a lot of sleep due to her bad cough. She is not sleeping well at all which means neither are her parents. We are just hanging in. I feel bad for daddy who goes to work for a long ten hour day after little sleep. I am however, happy that he helps me out at night with her. Thanks daddy!

I did get the phone call today to set up her IEP meeting and testing to start in Metro schools. It makes me really sad to realize that she is about to be to old to be in TEIS anymore and that she will be a part of Metro Schools. Scary thought for sure! I use to be a teacher in metro and I never thought I would worry about her being in the system, but at her age and her limit mobility I am weary of what or where they will want to put her. There are many options and till they talk to us I guess I can not worry to much. We do know what we would like to see happen, which would be to put her in a preschool a few days a week, not a school five days a week. I am not ready for her to be gone all week long, but she will need to be in some type of program to get the therapies she will still need. I am worried though due to her not being able to communicate with us, at this point, what is going on when she is not with us. Not to mention her not being able to run and play like all the other kids. We have so many worries about her being away from us and I am so scared. But I have a few months to get use to the idea. Not that it will make it any easier. So, for now I worry and wonder till she turns three in April. Till then she is my baby and my baby only:)

Love and prayers to you and your family

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