Sunday, January 18, 2009

My new favorite store!!

Well, there is a lot I could write about, but words can not express the joy and the sorrow I have been faced with this week. My friends and family have had many ups and many downs this week, and at some point I will share more but I need to process it all before writing. Just pray for peace for all!

Anyway, Emma is much better! Thank you God! So, yesterday we left her with her Nana and Daddy and mommy went to town to run errands. My family goes to this bookstore in town to trade out books for store credit and then buy new/used books. The place is called McKay and it is crammed full of books, dvds, cds and much more. It is great and cheap. I have been with my mom a few times, but have not traded in my own stuff yet. So, we headed there first, and i made over $20 bucks to spend on some items. That might not sound like alot, but I bought Emma five new books,a new craft book for toddlers, a new movie, and myself a book too, and I still have ten bucks left for next time. I love when you spend a little and get a lot!

What a great deal I found. I basically use items I would have donated to goodwill or somewhere and turned into money to buy new books for Emma and I to enjoy. I bought her some used Barney books, since it is our new passion in life! Then, when she gets tired of them, I can take them back and buy her whatever is her new passion. I loved the time looking around and exploring all the used books and dvds. It is so much fun for me to be around all of it. I love to read and so does Emma.

I can not wait to go back and find some new/ used treasures.

Go and read a new book today!


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