Monday, December 22, 2008

Five year wedding anniversary!

As of yesterday I have been married to my wonderful husband. Wow, time sure flies when you are having fun or well when life is crazy might be more like it.

I love my husband but we have never really had great wedding anniversaries. Here is why: on our first year, my grandmother died unexpectedly and Daniel had to drive to my school to tell me on the last day before the holiday break. When I saw him, I thought he came to surprise me, he sure did but not in the way I was thinking. It then snowed really bad and we had her funeral in the dark with no heat. Great memory right. I do remember we keep our dinner reservations, but ate fast because the snow had started.

The second year, was okay. I was five months pregnant and we went to see the Nutcracker. I loved it and we had a great evening. Even if I had to pee three times during the ballet:)

The third year, Emma was in the hospital. We were discharged that day. So, we were wiped out and were dealing with a sick child.

Our Fourth year, Nana kept Emma and we went to a nice dinner and rented a few movies to enjoy alone snuggled on our couch. But the wind knocked out our lights and we ended up going to bed early instead to stay warm.

This year, we slept in, skipped church, and ate breakfast in bed as a family. Then, we braved the very cold wind to meet his parents for lunch. Then, my husband had to go to work. So, Emma and me took a nap and played alone. Not a horrible day but not real special either. Money is too tight to waste so we kept it low key and just hung out together.

So, there you have it. As I said we have not always had the best anniv. But we have a pretty good marriage which is all that really matters. My husband works hard to provide all he can, he helps with household chores, is a great father and mostly an understanding husband during my crazy moments:) I am honored to be married to a wonderful man who I love so very much. Love you Daniel!!!!

Now, I am focused on getting finished with Christmas and enjoying the special little moments. I do not want to miss one little moment of fun and Christmas cheer


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