Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After Christmas

It always makes me so sad to see Christmas come and go. I hate to see the tree with no presents under it, and I dread the process of putting my many decorations away. It makes me sad to see the weeks of preparation come and go so fast and it is always a little bit of a let down when the day is done. I guess I spend so much time getting ready, that it is sad to see it go.

Do not get me wrong. I had a great Christmas day with my family! (all my family) Emma was so much fun to watch as she stared in awe of all the presents and new toys. I laughed watching her clean up each piece of wrapping she tore off of packages. I loved making cookies for Santa on Christmas eve and I really enjoyed the fantastic Christmas Eve service at Cross Point. (an interesting side not on church, Jeff Fisher was in attendance and that was cool. Go Titans!)

But then we finally returned home with our car loaded with goodies and one tired little two year old, I sorted through all the presents and put them either out or away for later fun, and then I looked around and it was over. The tree was no longer surround with presents, there was no more looking forward to seeing her face and watching her unwrap, and seeing all my family enjoy what I had lovingly picked out for them. I looked at Daniel and said it was sad to see all the hours of prep work just end so fast. I loved every minute of preparations and I enjoy finding the perfect gift for people. I guess I just need to enjoy the memories from this year and start working on next year and get over that Christmas is only one day a year.

I love Christmas so much!! It was a great year full of fond memories and laughter. 2008 was a great year for my little Family of three. I look forward to next year when she is even older and understands even more. Heck, I already bought two presents for next year today:) I hit one after Christmas sale on the way home from lunch today. I am nuts I know, but that is me. I love Christmas and I love a good deal.

I hope you family had a good Christmas! I know ours did and we will have many hours of fun to look forward to as we play with all the new toys!!

If you want more details of our Christmas you can go to Emma's caringbridge page. She is at

I better go and enjoy the quiet before she wakes up from her nap!

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