Monday, October 20, 2008

What is under your sink?

Saturday night, I was putting items back under the sink and some of the items struck me as odd.  I guess I should explain why I was putting things back under the sink first.  My father-in-law and my husband spent Saturday doing some chores around our house.  They hung a fan in Emma's room, cleaned our fans in the rest of the house, and they cleaned the pipes under our bathroom sinks out.  (They were icky and slow to drain)  Well, to get to our pipes, they cleaned everything out under the sink and left it laying on the floor.  So, later that night, I was replacing everything back in it's place(you will learn as I blog that I am very OCD about my house).

I sat in our floor neatly placing the random stuff back under our sinks, and I looked down and I was holding sterlized water, gauze pads in sealed packages, Babylax, supositors, a suture kit, and a few other medical type items.  This struck me as so funny.  I went and found Daniel and asked him if he thought anyone else had those things under their sink or were we strange?  He also thought it was funny to see all that medical stuff laying in the bathroom floor.  Then, we started talking about which procedure added what to under the sink.  It is like a scrapbook of Emma's surgeries under our sink.  Most of the items came from one of her many kidney surgeries or from her bottom redo surgery:)  I am not sure why we keep them all, but they might be needed again so we do.

This makes me wonder what is under your bathroom sink?  Are you like us and it all medical "stuff" or is it the normal stuff like lotions, bandaides, and soap?

Love Rachel 

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