Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mom's Night In

Friday night I went to a mom's night in at a new friends house.  We had a really good time, hanging out, eating great food, and playing games.  It was really nice to spend time with other moms without the kids in tow.  We could actually talk and hear each other!  Emma spent the night at Meme's and Pop's.  She spent the whole night singing to Pop!!  To cute!!!!

Back to the ladies night.  This group of women get together once a month, and I got added in due to my friend Adrienne who attends.  This was the first night I had  been able to attend.  Most of the women live on the same street, and hang out.  Most of them have kids three and under.  So, they started getting together to spend time away from the kids and recharge.  Which trust me we all need. 

We sat around the table sharing feeding issues, funny stories and tips on safety issues in the house.  It was funny to hear all their stories about thier silly little tots.  I shared a few about Emma too.  

I did have a moment of feeling out of place though.  I was sharing a story about Emma, and I forgot that not all knew her story.  So, I was talking about her not walking, and I got a few strange looks, and I went oops, and just sort-of said she does not walk.  I did not know what else to say.  I am sure they thought what is wrong with this kid, but I did not want to talk about it.  I just wanted to relax and not think of it.  Then, at one point I mentioned her small clothing size, and one mom said I have got to see this kid.  She sounds so small.  I just laughed.  

Later though, it hit me that even in a room full of mom's just like me, I do not totally fit in.  They did not do anything to make me feel that way, but just listening to them talk I know that I am a little bit different.  I am different and my stories about my baby are not the same as theirs.  Mine are tinted with doctors, illnesses and hospital stays and of course therapy sessions.  This does not make me strange just a little bit different I guess.  It use to bother me more, but now I try to remind myself to celebrate my unique little angel and experiences, and not dwell on the other stuff.   

I did have a great time and I am looking forward to next month.  We all need a break, and I need to spend a little time out of the madness of my life.  I am also really looking forward to getting to know the other moms and their kids too.  Our kids have played together and they all love to do it!  They accept that Emma is different and they do not mind!!!  I am gratefully to new friends and old ones too!  They are what helps support me through the hard times and I am so lucky to have wonderful friends and family!


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Adrienne said...

Hi sweet friend, I was so happy you came last Friday :).my heart sank with yours when I realized not everyone knew Emma's story. I almost jumped right in and told her story for you to keep you from having to explain yourself, but you handled it so gracefully I was so proud of you and the way you talked about Emma that night. I later told my friend Jen Emma's story so she could share it with her sister Cassie. I believe she is the one who said she wanted to see Emma b/c she sounded so cute and so little. I think I've told you about Jen losing her first child at 13 months after living at VCH for 9 months?? She immediately felt bad for her and Cassie not knowing to be more sensitive to you about Emma. Not eberyone knows she had another child so I know it hurts her when people talk about her baby as her 2nd when she's her 3rd. It's hard having a child who isn't "typical," isn't it? I cherish our friendship so much.

I hope you are having a good day! We had so much fun seeing you last night,