Thursday, December 26, 2013

It was a very very Merry Christmas....

All that is left is, the bare tree and figuring out where all the new presents will go.  But boy oh boy was it a great past few days.  We had so much fun!  It was really neat watching Taylor start to understand Christmas, and Emma has always loved the holiday.  I especially enjoyed the elf on the shelf part, because Emma really thinks they are real and it makes it so much fun.  She has such a great imagination, and I love that.  I loved waking everyday hearing "where are Red and Snowflake?" our two elves.  Taylor also enjoyed them, but not sure he fully got the point this year.  He did however learn how to quickly unwrap gifts and see where his next one was:)

Here is just a quick rundown of the days leading up to Santa day! We made cookies with their cousin Hudson, built gingerbread houses, went to an early Christmas Eve service at church, went and saw some really cool houses with lights and saw Santa's at two of them, celebrated at Nana's house Christmas eve, sang to Baby Jesus and ate some birthday cake for him, woke up to Emma squealing "Santa really came and I got boots", celebrated Santa, went to Aunt Nay's for the Clark Christmas, and passed out early after all that fun!  Emma walked around all day saying "this is the best Christmas" and I have to agree.  The kids loved all their gifts and we got some great time with the families.  I may never figure out where it will all go, but oh well.

Here are some of the highlights in pics for you to enjoy!!

 Saying good bye to the elves
 reindeer food sprinkled
 Nana's house

 Christmas eve pjs before heading home

 Chocolate Santa for breakfast sure why not!

 Trying out her singing machine

 At my sister's house