Monday, December 9, 2013

Becoming a Women at Peace

Thank you Tyndale House Publishing for supplying me with a copy of The One Year Devotions for Women Becoming a Woman at Peace  by Ann Spangler, I was so excited to get my copy and study it for this review.

I do not know about you ladies but I am always so stressed, hurried, and on the verge of coming unglued.  So, when I saw this book on the possible review options on Tyndale Blog community, I jumped on the chance.  I need help at being more peaceful and centered on God.

This book is beautiful inside and out.  The devotions are short and well written.  They are perfect for an easy devotion before work or on your lunch break.  They start with a verse, then there is a short reflection, and followed up with a prayer.  It will reach those new to the faith or those deeper in the faith as well.  The author is open and real with you and makes you feel like you are reading words from a close friend!

I recommend starting this book in January and seeking out the peace we all are so desperately seeking! We can do this ladies we can live with less fear, it is not of God to be afraid!

Check out my review on Amazon here!  Order your copy today and enjoy a well written devotion by Ann Spangler.

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