Sunday, May 19, 2013

All the World's A Stage........

and Emma wants to be in the spotlight!

The last three days have been full of Emma doing what she loves best, being on stage.  Friday night her afterschool music class was part of the Music Showcase, Saturday was her major Ballet Recital, and today at church her Sunday School class said all 11 Bible verses they learned this year.  It has been a busy few days full of practices, spotlights and glitter:)  I loved being backstage with her for all of it!  I love being a backstage mom! 

Emma loves being on stage!  If you could just see her grins and excitment.  I truly think I will see her on Broadway someday.  Enjoy some cute photos of the past two days.  I have not downloaded the ones from church today however, sorry I am a tired backstage mom. 

Here is Friday Night's Music show!  She was part of a really cute jungle type dance.  It was so cute, and she knew the dance and song very well!

 Her awesome Music teacher who gives of her time to teach the new generation to love music and dance.  She lead a very talented bunch of kids k-4th grade in a great show.
Saturday was her big dance day!  This is the best day of the year for her.  She loves the costumes, the makeup and getting her hair done in a bun.  (which takes tons of cheap hair gel, water, hairspray and bobby pins!)
 Jazz outfit!

 Very serious backstage watching a movie between dances!
 Daddy sneaked backstage to get ready for his number.

 Ready for the sweetest moment ever, the father/daughter number.  I had not gotten to see anypart of this, and let me tell you...yes I cried a little.  It was so sweet!  Cant wait to get the video and watch it again and again.  Thanks Honey for doing it with her.  It was her favorite part of the show.  A memory to never be forgotten for sure.

 The three amigos, these two girls with Emma are my friends Jessica's girls, and we love doing life with them.  We were the backstage mom's for the girls groups and loved it!!
 On stage getting her medal!
 My Star!
 Part of her fan club!  Friends from our church who came to watch her!  And loved it despite the wait, the heat and the long show.  Thanks West Family!
 Another fan from church, blessed with a great church support.  Alisa you rock!
 Papa's Girl!!!
 Fries, cheese dip and her favorite rice and cheese only tacos!  She earned them all!
All in all it has been a long weekend but a very rewarding one.  Watching Emma shine on stage is so special to us.  Seeing her dance and sing after her struggles to walk and hear, is watching a miracle from God and I thank Him for it.  She is an amazing child who teaches me daily to enjoy life and when all else fails shake your booty!

Proud to be her mom and proud to be apart of her world.  Look out NY here comes Rosie!

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