Friday, March 29, 2013

Trip to the bunnies

There is a cool toy store in our town that every year has a display of bunnies around Easter.  Each year it is a new theme and so cute.  So since Emma was little we have gone, and it is one of my favorite thing besides Easter Church that our family does for Easter/spring.  This year both kiddos had so much fun looking at the bunnies, playing with the display trains, climbing in the tower to look out over the amazing train display and watching the cool trains go around and around!  We spent over a hour playing and having fun.  It is really a fun, free (besides the two Easter goodies I bought without being caught) family trip!  I was so happy daddy got to go this year as well.  Enjoy the cute photos of our trip to see the bunnies!

 The last three photos are just because they are cute!!

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