Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rising Above Easter Egg Hunt

My kids love Easter Egg Hunts!  However, Emma still really struggles with bending down and getting back up fast, I mean the kid has only been walking two years and has hip issues.  She however loves to hunt eggs, however it is not always easy for her to be in a hunt with normal kids her age.  Picture gates being opened and kids running crazily towards eggs, yep Emma gets left behind or knocked down.

However, this year a friend sent me a link to a local group for Special Needs Children and they were having a Egg Hunt this past weekend.  We had nothing going on and decided to sign Emma and luckily they allowed siblings so Taylor got to come too.  It was a beautiful day here Saturday despite the wind that was blowing.  We loaded the kids in the car with new baskets and headed to one of the coolest parks in our town.  It is known as the Dragon Park and it has a wheelchair accessible playground!  It is so cool!

We got there and there were cute Easter Games they could play for cute little prizes, crafts set up, bubbles flying everywhere from a bubble machine and we got the times for each kids hunt.  The kids loved playing the games and we could not get them off the playground!  They were having a blast!  I was loving the stress-free fun for them as well.  I was not having to worry about her getting ran over or left behind, which meant I was one happy mommy.

 Then, Emma's time to hunt finally came and let me tell you she was ready to go as you can see from the above photo. She was so happy!  She took off and was happily picking her eggs up.
 At the start with my baby girl
 Still amazes me!
 Taylor waited patiently to get to hunt later with siblings 3 and under, so he spent more time on the playground with Daddy, while I hunted with sissy.

 Getting fueled up for his hunt.
 He had fun getting his eggs in his new Elmo basket a friend gave me for him.  I unfortunately could not help him and get photos but trust me he had fun:) 
 After the hunts they had a little martial arts demo and Emma had so much fun.  Taylor sat far away with daddy, since he hates loud noises and was scared.
 The highlight of our day, was meeting in person a sweet girl we have gotten to know through facebook.  We were honored to pass on Emma's wheelchair doll and one of her walkers to this sweet girl!
 The magician was pretty fun as well.  This was the last of the two hours of fun!
 One more climb to the slides for Emma, as she shows off her Easter Egg necklace she made.
Two happy happy faces as we head out after all the fun!  It was a great two hours and lots of memories made in a safe atmosphere!  Everyone was so nice and so accepting and supportive.  It was a great afternoon for all!  Thanks Rising Above for helping my daughter and son have a positive experience!  Words can not express how amazing it was to watch her just be a kid!

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