Sunday, March 10, 2013

Taylor's Elmo Party!

Today we celebrated a certain cute little boy turning 2 tomorrow!  Yep Taylor had a big birthday party and of course it had to be based off of one of his favorite things, Elmo!  Thanks to Pintrest I was able to find a lot of great ideas I could DIY and after a few late nights it all came together.  Here is the decorations

 Elmo Loves his Goldfish, His crayons too!
 Picture timeline from Taylor's last year, and this party is brought to you by the Letter T and the Number 2!
 Mantle with more photos of Taylor
 A few visitors from the Street!
 Footprints leading to the door and the lamppost I drew on the door that said Taylor's World
 Crayon Wreath
 The food
 Cookie Monster Toss and the Oscar the Grouch Trash Toss
Pin the Nose on Elmo
We just had family and a few friends we invited.  (sadly a few friends could not attend)  We wanted to keep it small, because Taylor does not like a lot of noise and craziness.  We had it Sunday after naptime and happily the weather decided to be great and the kiddos got to run around and play outside in the sun despite the wind!  Taylor loved all the Elmo stuff around and really loved his new shirt made by a sweet friend.  Here are a few photos of the birthday fun!
 Sissy and Taylor
 Mommy made me sit down
 Here is the ball

 Were my cousins go?
 Bubbles with daddy

 present time
 When Taylor decided to eat a cookie and watch sissy open some presents.
 Daddy please open my new Calliou toy right now!

 Time to blow out the candles
 Teaching her cousin how to play the game
 love these lips

 Bubble fun with Uncle and Cuz

GRRRRRR!  reading his dino books
As you can see, it was a great day full of the Red Monster and lots of laughter and smiles.  I am feeling blessed and tired.  Looking forward to some time with the birthday boy tomorrow as he is no longer my sweet little one year old and is truly a two year old toddler.  Praying the terrible twos do not start anytime soon!

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