Friday, October 12, 2012

Disney on Ice

On Sunday we were able to take the kiddos to Disney on Ice.  We normally can not really swing this type of program without being given the tickets, but thanks to Emma's Girl Scout discount and Taylor being free we decided to spend the money and celebrate Fall break at Disney on Ice.  Aunt Nay got Emma her Tinkerbell costume for Halloween early for her to wear it and I made Taylor a Mickey Mouse Ghost tshirt to wear.  The kiddos were so excited and to be truthful daddy and I were too. 

The seats we had were six rows from the ice and we were surrounded by good friends and their kiddos which made it even more fun.  We could see everything going on and it was so neat to be that close to the action.  Taylor was not so sure at first but when he saw Mickey Mouse he started having fun, Emma was soaking it all in and smiling the whole time.  However when Tinkerbell came out she screamed and got so excited.  I loved seeing her face and how it shined with the wonder of seeing the show.  The second best part was hearing Taylor flip out after intermission when Mickey came back out and he threw his hands up and squealed so loud people all around us to laugh at him. He was so excited!!! It was worth the money and the hike in from the parking lot my hubby parked us in:)  Whew my arms hurt for two days from carrying them. 

Here are some great photos from our special night out at Disney on Ice, great memories for all of us! Wonderful night!

 Mickey Mouse
 My sweet Tinkerbell
 Love her toothless grin
 my loves
 he steals my heart daily
 I want that please daddy!
 Me and my man, Emma took this of us
 look mom it is TINKERBELL

 OMG it is Mickey Mouse
 snack time

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