Sunday, July 15, 2012

Zumba and Art Camp

Emma had a wonderful week!  One of the YMCA's my hubby works at, had a Zumba and Art Mini camp from 9-12.  Well, thanks to a wonderful program they have called Full Circle, which is a program for special needs people, she was able to go.  Full Circle has special programs just for special needs children but they also assist them in attending regular Y programs.  What a blessing for special needs children to be able to join their friends in fun activities at the Y. 

So, Monday morning my hubby took her to his work and met the Full Circle staff member who would be helping with Emma's bathroom issues, carrying her supplies, and generally making sure she was safe etc, and handed Emma off for a fun filled morning.  He walked by a few times and she was loving it!!!  I was a little nervous, but Daniel stayed at that Y all morning and kept an eye out and the staff members (all those working the camp) took really good care of her and told him everything cute she was doing.  They even sent a few photos and videos to us!  Emma quickly took the hearts of all the staff members:)  (that is my social butterfly)

Well, Emma had so much fun, when I got there to get her she talked for about 15 minutes straight all about it!  Loved listening to her tell me about: doing dance moves, learning Zumba, having snack, going potty, washing her hands, holding hands and making a big circle and waiting her turn for the game, and that there were lots of friends there.  She talked and talked and talked about it.  Then, when we got home she started doing the Cupid Shuffle dance with lyrics (AMAZING PROGRESS IN THE HEARING DEPT).  She could not wait to go back!  This is how it was all week!  She loved each and every day of Zumba and Art Camp. 

She was so tired from the hour and half dancing they did that she even took a nap two days, which is unheard of for her.  I just loved knowing she was safe, cared for and having fun.  I am so very thankful for the program that helped her have an amazing week being just one of the kiddos at camp.  She felt so grown up and gained so much confidence and muscle power as she says.  We hope to make a special snack and take it by for the staff this week as a special thank you.  I really loved how much they paid attention to her needs, I went to work out on of the days and they saw me wave at her and came out to ask me a question or two to make sure she was doing okay.  Made my day, well that and them showing me the video of her leading on of the workout dances!  She was so cute in the video and did a great job. 

Thankful for a wonderful new experience for sweet Rosey!  Now to enjoy our last two full weeks of summer break!  17 days till school goes back for her.  whew the summer is going to fast

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