Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tooth Fairy Visits Again

Today Emma had two more baby teethed pulled.  Her two teeth that had fallen out on their own, were starting to come in and had no room.  So sweet girl had two teeth pulled to free up space.  Daddy took her, while I stayed home to watch wild man:)  He said she took the sleepy medicine with no complaints and did well for the pulling according to the dentist.  She however, typical of Emma on vercet, was not so happy the rest of the day.  That stuff makes her so emotional and she cried and cried and cried, finally my mom came and held her and that calmed her for a bit.  Then, she ate a little applesauce and two ice pops and calmed down some, but she really wanted Pizza silly girl.  After a few rough hours, we finally got her to lay down with me for a nap and she slept for two hours till Taylor came in to wake us up.  It was getting close to dinner.  She ate some mac and cheese and pudding and we went on a short walk and swing time at the park. She was still pretty wobbly so no slides or stairs today.  Praying tomorrow her emotions are a little calmer.  So proud of her!  She is so brave.
Fun side note: she was afraid of the tooth fairy coming in her room, so her tooth is on her door with a note of where it is:)

Another medical issue handled

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