Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just Another Day...

7:10-Taylor wakes up and wants to snuggle
7:15-Emma wakes up wonders silently into our room to find daddy
7:18-daddy takes pity on me and take both kiddos into the other room for diapers, cartoons and breakfast
8:40-the sweet sound of little bare feet hitting our hardwood floors wakes me and I hear the door open and the kiddos come in to wake me while daddy showers.
8:45-Start to get Emma ready to hit the door.  Dress her, grab her bag packed the night before for Speech class, grabbed a small cooler for extra waters for daddy and Emma, added Miralax to one of the waters for Emma, walked out into the garage with the crew to wave to Daddy and Emma as they leave for Speech school for Emma.
9:05-Taylor walks with me back into the house to play while I eat a quick bowl of cereal and then get him engaged with his new to him duplo block table while I jump in the shower. 
10:00-I try to get Taylor dressed, but he was so excited about seeing Sid the Science Guy come on NPT, he sat down and wanted to watch
10:10-I convince him to watch from the couch as I dress him to go to Meme's for the day.
10:25-after loading the car with several bags (Emma's diaper bag with extra diapers and clothes, Taylor's bags for Meme's, my purse, dance bag, and snack bag), we head to Meme's to leave Taylor for a few hours.
10:40-Taylor gets so excited to see water play at Meme's already in full swing with Hudson his cousin. Get him down to his diaper and chat with Mom for a few minutes while laughing at the boys playing
11-jump back into the car to drive into Nashville to meet Daniel, who took the day off, and had been waiting on Emma's school to be done (only an hour and half class).  Called them to tell them what time to leave the cool park they walked to next to her summer school location.  Drove happily listening to Steven Curtis on the radio instead of the Farmer Jason CD the kids like.
11:30 meet up with Daniel and Emma to head to VCH to eat at the food court their before heading to the main hospital for her hearing test.
Enjoyed a good lunch of Taco Bell whoop not!  But enjoyed my sweeties while we ate.  Window shopped at the coolest gift shop at the Children's hospital and headed to the sky crosswalk to go to the other hospital.
1-check into the ninth floor for her appt.
1:05 taken back to the sound room, chatted with the Audiologist and then started her testing while another lady looked her aids over.
by 2-Emma had become too stressed with the testing and we decided she had enough information to chart from so we ended.  Sadly Emma really stressed out today and it was so sad to watch!!  I almost cried.  This testing was in a sound booth testing her hearing thresholds. 
3-we had dropped daddy back to his car and was headed to Kingston Springs to get Taylor and play with Hudson for a few before heading back out
4:00-dance party with Aunt Nay showing off Zumba moves from last week
4:30-got dance bag out of car and changed Emma into her dance wear just in time to get a few hugs from Papa when he got home
4:45 loaded back into the car with Taylor in tow, and headed to the house to leave Taylor with daddy who had made it home from his quick trip to Costco for milk and diaper run;)
5:05 had Taylor dropped off and headed to ballet class farther into Bellevue
5:30-6:15 dance class for Emma and talking with some cool mom's for mommy
6:20 back into the car to head home to finish up the dinner prep and eat dinner.
by 7 we were all eating dinner
7:30 baths for the tired kiddos
8:00 books and bed
9-two tired parents ready to collapse

It has been a day as you can tell
Just wanted to share a typical crazy day in the life of a special needs family.  It was a long but eventful day.  Emma's hearing is stablizied which is great news.  They also learned more and more about her hearing loss and will be doing a new testing in three months to check how she is actually processing with her aids on, up to now the testing is has been all without the aids as they are still trying to keep a track record of how her hearing is doing and figure out what parts of her ear etc are reacting.  She was really stressed today by it but after some extra love tonight hopefully will be okay tomorrow.  Oh yeah she got a TInkerbell book as a treat too!

 Eating before the testing
About the time she hit the stress wall and we had to end.  what a sad face!

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