Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Wonderful Father of My Children!

Happy Father's day to all the wonderful dad's out there!
I want to dedicate this post to the wonderful father to my two children, Daniel. He is amazing, and I am so lucky to have him to partner with me to raise our beautiful children.  I am so lucky that he is such a hands on dad and loves nothing more then playing and caring for his kids.  He especially showed that this week, as we switched rolls for me to attend a three day work conference that had me leaving the house at 7 and getting home around 5.  He took two of those days off to be the stay at home parent and did it with no complaints or without trashing the house too much:)  I honestly think the kids had more fun with daddy home, since it was so different then mommy being home.  However, when I left for Summer Reading Program that I also work, on Thursday Emma said "working again mommy? No you stay home!"  Four days of mommy gone was too much for her. 

I loved being around adults for three days and learning new things, even though it took a little bit to get my brain switched from motherhood to working.  I just loved that he supports me enough in my part time work to give up his own vacation time to allow me to grow more in my job and care for our kiddos!  Thanks Honey!  It was a different week and as much fun as it was for me to be a working mom again, I was sad to be away from my babies.  However, I did not worry about them since he does an amazing job caring for them.

Taylor decided to give daddy a special present by starting to walk more then a few steps today!  He walked all over church and at my parents house today.  Yikes I am about to have a full time walker!  I am trying to not be upset that he waited to father's day to do it since he was over a year old at mother's day too, but it does sting a tiny bit.  Daddy however, was so proud that he was the one who got him to let go finally.  Oh well, daddy might have got him to walk, but I carried him for 9 months and one week and have nursed him since birth so ha:)  Just joking honey, so excited about this big milestone for Taylor, look out Emma Taylor will now be able to catch you when you take his ball!

Below is a clip of him walking last night!

Today has been a great day of not only celebrating my wonderful hubby and father to my kiddos, but celebrating the wonderful man who gave me life and supported me throughout that life my Dad!  Love you Daddy and I would not be who I am today without the love and support you have given me my whole life.  I have always been a daddy's girl and always will!  I am so blessed!!

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