Saturday, June 23, 2012

Days like this....

Days like today I forget the last two weeks of fighting with specialist and then given in and taking her to our PCP to be told I was right all along, she had another UTI.  Days like today I forget the long nights, the long hours at the doctors, the long drives to therapies, the stress and hard talks.  Days like today make it all fade was a rare day full of so much fun and memories. 

I will share more tomorrow as right now I am tired and ready to just relax and reflect on how wonderful the day was and how much fun my sweet little Rose had with all the new experiences she had today.  I am thankful for fun, friends and family and for those who love my sweet girl for who she is and how far she has come.  I have felt safe and loved all day and so has Emma and she has blossomed and bloomed under the safety she felt today.  I am blessed and happy tonight as my head hits the pillow.

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