Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last Saturday

Did not mean to leave you hanging all week, but life is basically crazy right now, with summer fun happening everyday:)

Anyway, Saturday we were given four tickets and an amazing parking pass to Elmo Live by the amazing special needs camp we attend.  This was such a blessing, since the money for these types of actvities is just not there.  So, after some thought we decided Taylor was a little young and we would take a special friend of Emma's with us.  The two girls had so much fun together and the show was super cute.  Parking in the attached garage to the arena was a life saver for us trying to get Emma in and out and allow her to walk (she still cant do far distances and this arena is huge).  We walked right in and went into a elevator to the area for the show.  AMAZING!  The girls were super good and listened the whole time.  Emma got nervous at first but then really got into watching Elmo and his friends dance.  I loved watching her dance and try to sing along.  We took the two girls to lunch at Emma's favorite place McD's for happy meals and they enjoyed the treat.

That night we returned to Emma's friends house for a Sweety Slumber party with a few friends.  I will say we did not spend the night for a few reasons but we had so much fun!  The girls and mom's ate pizza, danced, painted nails, painted pillow cases, played dolls, decorated cookies and caught lightening bugs!  Then curled up to watch a movie!  It was so fun to have a few of her friends together and enjoy them interacting together.  Emma's favorite part was the bugs:)  She got in charge of the cage to put them in, since she was having a hard time running in the grass.  She talked the whole way home about how much fun she had.  It was just a special night and day all together.  Thanks Jessica for a fun night.

Here are some photos of the day!

I love these special days and soak them up like a sponge.  I love watchnig her gain confidence and close friends as they learn to accept her as she is and love her!  I am so grateful for family and friends who love on my sweet Rose!

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