Sunday, August 21, 2011

Taylor D

I feel that Taylor has not gotten much mention on the blog lately, so tonight is a post about my smiley son!!
He is so happy and precious! The best part of the day, is when I lean over the crib to pick him up in the morning and he just breaks out in a huge grin! Love it so much and love him too. The only time he fusses is if he is hungry. He is so easy going, which is good since sissy is a little high maintence:)
He is a great nurser, and I am so glad I stuck that out. It obviously does him good, since he is a chunky monkey, and it is such a sweet time to spend with him. Yesterday I sat under a tree at a birthday party for Emma's friend, and the breeze was blowing and I could hear the kids playing in the pool behind me and Taylor was nursing sleepily and I thought " Motherhood is wonderful!" We have tried cereal but he is not too much into it, so I am waiting a bit more before I try again. I am also looking into making some of his food for two reasons: 1. better for him 2. cheaper as well. But we will see how that all works out.
He is finally rolling over and Emma gets so excited. She starts yelling roll, roll, roll, when he starts to flip. It cracks me up! He is also scooting around on his floor mats and also trying to sit up alittle bit as well. He does not like to lay back or be ignored for long. We started using the excersaucer this last week as well, he likes it pretty well. His favorite thing to do is chew on everything and drool:) I think teeth should be showing up soon.
All in all life is good right now, we are rocking along and Taylor and me are enjoying our little time alone while Emma is in school. I love my little boy!!

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