Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Starting Pre-K!!

Emma started Pre-K this week, in a blended class. That means there are special education kids and regular kids and it is taught by a special education trained teacher. Then, her special teachers: her OT, PT, hearing and speech teachers come to her classroom to work on her goals from her IEP. I was a nervous wreck, but things are going great. I love her teacher and she is not annoyed by my questions through email or texting:) She actually has an autistic and adhd child, so she really understands special needs children.

Emma is loving school as she calls it, and even wears her uniform without to much of a fight, just not her bow:) I still worry but I can email her teacher and get answers quickly which helps. Today she emailed me that Emma is really doing well listening and talking (i had asked how she thought she was doing with her hearing aids), that they are having to remind her when she is allowed to talk and when she has to listen. Hehe, I always got in trouble for that too:) I am so proud of her! She is even being quiet at quiet time. Her favorite thing is the playground right now and she tells me all about that when she gets in the car
Speaking of talking to me in the car, I get so tickled that we are able to have so much more of a real conversation now. She is doing soooo well with her aids, and she is able to answers some questions and tell me some details, and it is thrilling to me. I have waited so long to actually talk with her. She has a ways to go but it is so much better.
All in all she has had a great first few days, and I am getting use to having her gone. Taylor misses her and keeps looking for her, but he is loving all the time with mommy:)

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