Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great First Week

Emma has had an amazing first week wearing her hearing aids. Every morning she ask to put them in and wears them most of the day, her ears are getting a little sore so she is starting to want them off earlier in the night, but for the most part she wears them all waking hours. I still can not get over her face when she gets them both in, she just smiles. She hates getting them on, they are a very tight fit and have to go so far into her canal that she does not really like that part, but smiles hugely once in and on.
I still get so tickled when she turns around when I say her name, no more clapping and screaming to get her attention. I will also never forget the first time Taylor really started fussing, Emma started to shush him over and over again. I just about fell over laughing (if she only knew how loud she talks without the aids in).
We are all so proud of howwell she is doing and quickly she is adjusting. I can not wait to see how she learns in them and how much better her speech will continue to get as she learns the sounds and words around her. Right now her favorite thing is singing and watching singing shows and she loves loves to clap and make noises ( I guess she never has heard them before)
We are in a flurry of appointments not only her normal appts but tons of ones dealing with her hearing aids and the possiblity of implants. She has CT and MRI scans coming up, a new speech eval, we are meeting with a social worker as part of seeing if she is a good person to recieve implants, we also have a few other appts, it is all very overwhelming but exciting as we learn and row. On Thursday Emma will be having the tooth she knocked lose, when she knocked the other tooth out, pulled. We hate that was the earliest they could do it, since she will be missing her first day of pre-k. But it has to come out, it really bugs her and is messing up her bite.

Life is so exciting and very busy right now, but we are trying to fill it with some fun before school tarts next week. I will post some photos of our water fun soon and her last ballet class as well.
To more, here is to hearing you!!

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