Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Which Way is UP??

I am in a valley and wonder which way is up and out of this deep valley??

I seem to be caught up in my own head right now. I have so many thoughts going on, that I can not make sense of where to go from here. So many things have happened in our lives lately and we are not sure where we need to go next??? Then, the historic flood hit last week and wow does it bring new perspective to life. I am so grateful for a house over my head and a dry place to lay my head at night. I am so thankful that even though many friends lost it all, they are all physically safe. Watching water flood streets near my house and cover houses, cars, and mailboxes, hearing my mother tell me three houses near them were swept away with the flood water, not being able to reach my parents by car for three days, losing power and everything in my fridge and freezer in a two day span, not knowing when we would be able to get out of our area or get to ice, milk or food, and seeing the pain on friends faces as they found out their house was half underwater, is something you will never forget or come out of unchanged. Then, helping friends gut their house of everything they own and driving down streets full of people's stuff they lost, is moving and life changing. I appreciate everything we have so much more and am trying daily to find ways to help those people.

So between the very personal crisis/situation my husband and I are trying to struggle through and the flood of 2010, I am not sure where to go now??? I feel like I am wondering in the desert with no water in sight. Yes, I know God is in Control not me, but I can not hear Him just yet. I just feel like I am drifting waiting for something to happen to make sense of all going on.

I wonder who I will be when I come out of this valley and finally make it up?? But I still do not know which way is up.. not yet anyway.

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Jessica said...

Hang in there...I am always here for you when you need to vent, hang out, chill out...and anything else you might want. This past week has been very unbelievable...keep your faith and God will answer your prayers...some times we have to be still and listen. Life can be pretty noisey and busy...so try to be patient and still and hear what He is telling you....or not telling you. love and hugs as always!!!!