Friday, May 14, 2010

Returning to Teaching

Okay mom before you get too excited, no I am not heading back to teaching Kindergarten, as much as I sometimes long too, the time is not right. But I am teaching again. This past week, I took a long hard look at how I spent time with my child. It is so easy to say that she goes to school four hours a day five days a week, has two outside therapies and three in school therapies, that I do not need to focus to much on focused teaching with her, that playing in her room and watching Barney is fine. However, I felt that a small, (or large) voice was nudging me into another way of thinking. I feel that God was reminding me that He gave me a gift of teaching and that I should be using it more on Emma. Do not get me wrong, I always work on adding new words, working on her colors, numbers,etc while we play, but not really focused sitting down to complete a thought out project.

So, I started thinking about it and I am determined to do more teaching with Emma. We started out this week by doing a few workbook sheets on colors and she loved it. Then, we worked with my Melissa and Doug shape pictures, and today we did some glueing puzzles together. She is loving it all and I am too!! I found out she could draw lines to match items, that she is able to figure out harder puzzles then I thought, that she is actually remembering more colors by name, and that she is trying to learn to write a few letters. This is huge!! She has started learning so many new skills and I love watching her grasp new ideas daily. I guess we have been so focused on her speech and walking that we missed that she was learning so much more from school. (she is behind most of her peers but seems to be trying to catch up now, which is very encouraging)

So, now I am looking into making Lapbooks with her thanks to an on-line friend who homeschools her girls and I am looking into other fun and educational activities for Emma on her level. I have missed teaching so much and I am loving teaching my precious little girl, and watching her learn and grow. She is my miracle for sure!! I can not wait to continue researching and streaching my knowledge beyond my elementary skills into pre-k skills and lower. Emma might be slower to learn then some but once she gets it, she does not lose it, so I will help her learn to fly the best I can.

Love my little one and Thank God I am her mom everyday.

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