Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Giant Step for Emma

I have the best video in the world to show you in this post!! You will cheer and cry all at the same time. This video is many years in the making and waiting. It is many hours of therapy, determintation on Emma's and her peeps parts, and lots of prayers!! It might be just a few steps now, but wow!! So proud! It has made all those hours in therapy worth it:) SO proud of my sweet angel and am looking forward to many more steps in the future!!

I wish I could express how much this brief video means to those who know and love her, especially Daniel and Me! We have cried so many nights over having to watch her struggle to learn to: first sit-up, roll over, scoot on her bottom, finally crawl, learn to pull up and now, taking steps on her own. We pray that the wonderful wheelchair that is sitting in our garage will get to stay there for now, and that she will continue to grow stronger daily using her walker without a seat and walking on her own. (Thank YOu Joe for finally getting those braces working for her) I am amazed daily at her stregthn and determination. She is so strong inside and now outside. She never gives up and that is what pushes us to continue to drive to and from Vandy for her many therapies!! God gave her a pure heart that loves and does not believe in "I can't, b/c she will!" It is just on Emma time as we fondly call it.

My heart is bursting with joy and pride, I have dreamed so many nights of her putting her arms out to me and walking into mine. It is a dream come true and worth the wait. Sweet dreams my sleeping angel. Tomorrow is another day and adventure.

Love Mommy

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