Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Smart

My little daughter makes me laugh all the time. She is so funny with her looks and facial expression, and she never forgets anything. This morning I was rushing around trying to finish getting me and Emma ready to leave for Story time. I had left Emma singing to Barney on my bed. I came back in and she had gotten inside my purse and gotten her handicap placard and was talking to it. Then, when I came in the room she told me that it was suppose to go in Meme's car. (we had used it with her car yesterday) Then, when we left she carried it to my car under her arm singing all the way. She is so smart!

Yesterday we took her application to her preschool, Emma wanted to get down and join right in. She just loves other kids!! She is so excited to start school in the fall. I am too! I might change my mind in the fall, but right now I am looking forward to picking her lunch box out, her backpack, and her outfits. However, I am sure when the day comes I might what to drive right by and keep her with me forever! I just keep telling myself it is only three days a week.

Emma has been in a great mood lately and is loving to be outside and playing. She squeals and laughs the whole time. She also loves to "run" with her daddy to the park!

I just love my little one and am so proud of how far she has come lately. She is talking so much more, standing longer and is even starting to cruise a little around furniture. So much going on with my little one and I am just along for the ride. Gotta run little one is awake!


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